Getting access to feminine hygiene products shouldn't be a curse.

Feminine hygiene products are a basic necessity for girls and women, but for some, getting access to these products can be difficult. Many low-income and homeless women struggle to afford proper menstrual health, often improvising or even going without hygiene products.

Our mission is to help those in need.

We do this by collecting donations to fund bulk purchases of pads and tampons to be distributed to local homeless shelters and food pantries. We also accept in-kind donations. 

Period Facts

Menstrual health is a major health care matter. Find out more about the issues involved.

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What We Do

Curious to find out more about what we're doing to aid better access to menstrual health?

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How to help

Excited to get involved? There are several ways you can help our cause. 

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Want to know more about us, our mission, and how it all started? 

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